DL/ Understanding Real Estate Antitrust Laws


Do you want to ensure you are conducting business legally and ethically? Then this online course on Understanding Real Estate Antitrust Laws is for you!

Antitrust laws are designed to promote fair competition and protect consumers from anti-competitive practices. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of antitrust laws and how they apply to the real estate industry in Maryland.

You will learn about the different types of antitrust violations, such as price fixing, market allocation, bid rigging, monopolization, tying arrangements, and exclusive dealing. We will also cover the civil and criminal penalties for violating these laws, as well as the reputational consequences for individuals and companies.

To help you avoid antitrust violations, we will provide you with best practices for communication and documentation, understanding the competition, and knowledge of antitrust laws. You will also have access to pro tips on how to effectively communicate, document, and stay informed about your competition.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of antitrust laws and how to ensure compliance in your real estate business. Don’t take the risk of unknowingly violating antitrust laws – enroll in this course today and protect yourself and your clients.

This course is a 1.5-hour Maryland Continuing Education Elective
Category: F – Professional enhancements for practicing licensees

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