Maryland SALESPERSONS Exam Prep for PSI: State Law Portion

Tried and Tested Learning Strategy to Successfully Pass the MD Real Estate Salespersons PSI Licensing Examination on the First Try!

You have taken the 60-hour prelicensing course to get your Maryland real estate salesperson license, but you need some extra practice to prepare you for the exam. It’s challenging to figure out what’s important to pass the licensing exam and stay consistent with practice, but you can overcome all this with an effective study plan & the right practice questions. Tristar Academy’s Real Estate Exam Prep will empower you to study the crucial aspects needed to pass the state licensing exam. 

In the 30 questions on the Maryland State Law Portion of the PSI Licensing Examination, there are 6 topics tested on. Well, what are the 6 topics?

The 6 topics in the Maryland State Law Portion are:

  • Duties and Powers of the Commission (4 Questions for Salespersons)
  • Licensing Requirements (4 Questions for Salespersons)
  • Agency (7 Questions for Salespersons)
  • Supervision (5 Questions for Salespersons)
  • Business Conduct (6 Questions for Salespersons)
  • Ethics (4 Questions for Salespersons)

The simple, tested, and easy-to-follow study plan will ensure you don’t get off track.

Here’s what’s included to help you nail the Maryland Real Estate PSI Salespersons Exam:

  • Tailored & timed practice tests that are specific to the State Law Portion of the PSI Licensing Exam
  • Proven to Work: Studying Tips & Test-taking Tricks
  • Access to 100 categorized practice questions so you can handle any type of situation in your PSI examination.

You see, how we ensure that you pass in flying colors. So even if you gave up earlier or you’re someone planning to schedule your PSI Exam, this exam prep is a must to start you on the path to successfully passing the PSI Exam for MD Real Estate Salespersons!

The interactive practice tests will cover everything you need to know to pass your licensing exam. The best part?

They are online so you can study from the comfort of your couch or when you’re traveling. Even on your phone!

So, if you’re ready to seriously pass your Real Estate PSI Exam with confidence and deploy the battle-tested strategies then click the link above to get yourself started today.

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