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Learn all about Fair Housing Laws to Avoid Discrimination and Lawsuits

Understand Fair Housing Laws in this 1.5-hour Continuing Education training

Fair housing laws are always evolving as new forms of discrimination reach judicial awareness. This makes compliance with fair housing complicated and diverse. Active training is necessary so that licensees stay informed regarding the latest local, state, and federal fair housing laws to ensure they can avoid expensive lawsuits and complaints. Tristar Academy offers this 1.5-hour training to provide you with an in-depth understanding of Fair Housing in Maryland. This course is designed to assist individuals desiring a renewal of their Salesperson Real Estate License to obtain the required real estate continuing education for Fair Housing Laws and Practices. The course offers an extensive consideration of potential fair housing discriminatory practices which are prohibited under federal, state, and local government laws. Topics under this Course will, among other things, include Government Policy on Fair Housing Laws, Federal Fair Housing Legislation, Prohibitions Against Steering, Blockbusting, and Redlining, Linguistic Profiling, Data on Fair Housing Discrimination in the DMV Area, Consideration and Analysis of the Americans With Disabilities Act, etc. This course will explore:
  • Fair housing violation recent case studies
  • Videos of Fair Housing Scenarios
  • Changes in regulations regarding fair housing
  • Criminal record and sexual orientation screening and how they apply to fair housing
  • A profound analysis of the protected class frequently mentioned in complaints regarding fair housing
  • Evaluating what the future of housing law might look like
Our courses are delivered online by experts via Zoom allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home.

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 This course is a 1.5-hour Maryland Continuing Education Requirement Category: C – Fair housing law

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