Complete 15hr MD CE Bundle (Self-Paced)

Tristar Academy offers six online SELF-PACED courses in this super bundle that covers all your continuing education needs in 15 hours. There are easy exams for these courses, and you can earn all your required elective credits with this bundle.

This bundle will help you learn all about ethical practices, legislative updates, predatory and discriminative practices, brokerage relationships and fair housing laws in Maryland state.

This bundle includes:

– MD Ethics, Flipping, & Predatory Lending (Required)
– Brokerage Relationships & Disclosures (formerly – MREC Agency)
– MD Fair Housing (Required)
– MD legislative (Required)
– MREC Supervision (Required for Brokers, Team Leaders & Managers | Elective for Salespersons and Associate Brokers)
– Understanding MD Taxes for the First Time Home Buyers (Elective)

Our courses are delivered online SELF-PACED allowing you to complete your CE anywhere at anytime on your own schedule.

This bundle course meets the 15-hour Maryland Continuing Education Requirement for Both Salespersons, Associate Brokers, Brokers, Team Leaders and Managers. Required and Elective courses are included.

Categories: A – Federal, State or Local Legislative issues, C – Fair housing law, D – Real estate ethics or professional standards, H – MREC Agency-Residential, I – MREC Broker, Branch Office Manager and Team Leader Supervision, & F – Professional enhancements for practicing licensees

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