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Real Estate School Success Stories


If you are considering a career in real estate; start on your path with the

Maryland real estate classes at Tristar Academy.

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Advance Your Career With Real Estate Classes in Maryland | MD Real Estate Classes

Tristar Academy is determined to help individuals like you launch a career in the world of real estate. We offer a complete line of Maryland prelicensing courses, exam prep courses, and numerous other specialties related to the real estate industry.

Starting a career as a licensed agent takes unwavering commitment and endless hard work. You can start your career off on the right foot by signing up for one of our many real estate classes in Maryland.

Discover a Range of Real Estate Classes in Maryland

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to starting a career in real estate. Whether or not you’ve already passed the Maryland state licensing exam, being a successful real estate agent involves so many different skills and experiences.

At Tristar Academy, we offer courses that focus on so many different areas of interest as they relate to the real estate industry. Our prelicensing courses go through every aspect of the state exam to help you score as highly as possible. You’ll learn in detail about what to expect from the exam and how to sharpen your skills to meet the state’s specific requirements.

We also offer classes on real estate and social media including information on how to market homes to buyers in the digital age. You’ll also find courses on real estate technology, team building, buying and selling homes through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and much more.

Head over to our complete course calendar to learn more about all of our real estate classes in Maryland. If you have any questions about the courses we offer, feel free to contact us over the phone or online. You can also request a copy of the syllabus to see which classes are right for you. 

Training From Working Real Estate Professionals

Tristar Academy is focused on giving students hands-on experience that they can use to ensure their success in the industry. All of our instructors are active real estate brokers and licensed agents with years of experience in the local housing market.

They understand how to get results when it comes to marketing homes to potential buyers. Your career as a working agent is just around the corner. Browse our selection of MD real estate classes and jumpstart your career today!


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Maryland Real Estate Classes are designed to be affordable and convenient for the pre-license real estate students.

Congratulations to All Our Graduates from our

Maryland Prelicensing Real Estate Course!

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