How to get more Real Estate buyers during these times

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some ideas you can use to grow your business. Many of these will come in handy, especially if the industry itself pivots permanently in the coming months and years.

  1. Make educational videos – When looking to purchase or rent a home, buyers have been found to be attracted to videos. Indeed, real estate advertisements with videos received more inquiries than those without. 
  2. Provide Virtual Tours – Nothing beats getting customers into the property’s heart and allowing them to get a true view of what it’s like to be there. Although the lockdown has put a stop to real estate visits in certain places, virtual house tours are the next best thing for potential buyers to see a home. 
  3. Continuing Education – Real estate continuing education can actually increase your earning potential and career prospects. While continuing education requirements vary according to the licensing laws, most necessitate educational requirements to be completed in order to keep your license active. And most agents wait until the last minute to complete these credits. This year, plan ahead. With more time than ever on your hands at home, don’t wait until the last minute to get those continuing education hours in. With courses through Tristar Academy, you can easily complete programs that not only allow you to keep working but also give your career a much-needed boost.


  1. New Certifications – Finished your continuing education? Check. Written and scheduled content in advance? Check. What comes next? If you have an inclination to go further in your real estate career, use this time to focus on gaining new certifications and on how to improve your knowledge of the real estate industry. With a real estate certification, you are not only able to advance your career, but advance it in a specific niche. Due to the shift to online learning, it’s now easier and more time-efficient to garner new certifications in your spare time as both online and in-person classrooms are readily available.

Consider sitting for Maryland Prelicensing for Salesperson & Broker exam, appraiser certification, or learn how to get started in commercial real estate. There are many areas where new certifications and online courses come in handy. With everything now online, the possibilities for what you can learn are limitless. Find something you’re interested in and use this time wisely. Looking back, you may realize what a gift this slow time at home was for laying the foundation for a profitable end of the year.

  1. Effectively use direct mails – For real estate agents, direct mailing prospective can yield a strong return on investment. Direct mail not only provides a clear piece of information, but it also builds a sense of personalization. It has been discovered that larger envelopes with personalized brochures get a higher response rate than smaller envelopes.
  2. Networking – With everyone at home, it is now more important than ever to stay connected. Thanks to video calls, a 15-minute request to chat takes less effort than ever and you don’t even have to commute to a coffee shop to do it! Even though networking these days looks a lot different, the same rules still apply: always provide value, be respectful of someone’s time, and always look for how you can connect others as well. Use your time strategically to connect with other agents you’ve always wanted to “pick the brain” of, finally connect with contacts you’ve been meaning to follow up with, or create a group of agents who specialize in non competing areas of your town and share your favorite real estate resources.

The coronavirus outbreak has had a significant effect on the real estate industry. It has changed many people’s lives, but people still need to purchase and sell houses. You can revive and even develop your real estate business by pivoting your approach and workflow while providing an outstanding service to your customers.

If you’re looking to improve more during these uncertain times our real estate education can help. Great real estate agents never quit learning, and we’re committed to keeping up with you in terms of innovation and evolution. You should be confident about what you learn from our easy online courses, as they are written by industry professionals. It can definitely help you excel during these times.