DL/ Virginia Fair Housing, ADA, & Civil Rights

Learn all about Fair Housing Laws to Avoid Discrimination and Lawsuits

Understand Virginia Fair Housing Laws in this 2-hour Continuing Education training

Fair housing laws are always evolving as new forms of discrimination reach judicial awareness. This makes compliance with fair housing complicated and diverse. Active training is necessary so that licensees stay informed regarding the latest local, state, and federal fair housing laws to ensure they can avoid expensive lawsuits and complaints. This is a 2-hour Required Continuing Education Course for Virginia Licensees. Federal and state governments have enacted laws prohibiting discrimination in the national housing market. The aim of these fair housing laws, or equal opportunity housing laws, is to give all people in the country an equal opportunity to live wherever they wish, provided they can afford to do so, without impediments of discrimination in the purchase, sale, rental, or financing of the property. At the end of this course, you will be able to: 
• Define and describe the principal forms of illegal discrimination 
• Identify what parties are exempt from the fair housing prohibitions 
• Describe how fair housing violations are enforced 
• Summarize the key provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act Get Your VA Fair Housing CE Training – Register Now!