MAR Residential Contracts of Sale - In Simple English

Tuesday July 23rd, 2024 | 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Become the Most Sought After Licensee by Mastering the Residential Contract of Sale

Understand the Residential Contract of Sale – In Simple English

The purchase of a property is not just about a buyer and a seller agreeing to a transaction. A contract of sale has to be signed after discussing things such as price, any compromises, and the state of the property. This contract is legally binding, committing both the seller and buyer to the transaction. Clients will want to choose real estate agents who know how to draft and deal with a residential contract of sale to avoid the expense that comes with hiring a solicitor or a conveyancer. Contracts, however, are complex documents and it can be nerve-wracking to work with them. It is, nevertheless, an essential skill and one that cannot be overlooked. Tristar Academy has made this process easier through this 3-hour elective course that explores the specific provisions of the MAR and GCAAR standard form contracts adopted for use in the Maryland and DC jurisdictions.

The course deals with a paragraph-by-paragraph discussion of the MAR and GCAAR contracts by delving into relevant trends, practices, and challenges to which licensees contend within the dispensation of their obligations as real estate practitioners.

Practical suggestions are offered on how to fill the contract forms in an easy-to-understand manner to ensure the participants’ future protection from liability in the event of a contractual dispute arising out of a contract situation.

Our courses are delivered online by experts via Zoom allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home.

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This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Elective Category: F - Professional enhancements for practicing licensees