Material Facts VS. Latent Defects

Monday June 24th, 2024 | 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Learn all about Material Facts & Latent Defects and Stay Protected from Legal Trouble

Know What to Disclose and When with this 3-hour Continuing Education training

In Maryland, a real estate agent or licensee is obligated to reveal material facts that the licensee knew or should have known regarding the property. Anything that would affect a buyer’s decision to lease or purchase the property or how much to offer to lease or purchase the property as well as the actual value of the property is considered to be a material fact. The Maryland Real Estate Brokers Act requires all real estate licensees to disclose and ascertain all material facts that the licensee has knowledge of and those that the licensee should have knowledge of to all involved entities. Furthermore, licensees are required to make a genuine effort to determine all material facts regarding the properties that they accept the agency for to fulfill their responsibilities and to ensure that there is no misrepresentation, errors, exaggeration, or concealment of material facts. According to NAR, the vast majority of actions against REALTORS® involve failure to disclose material facts. Licensees have a duty to disclose material facts under Maryland Law. This is the leading cause of action against licensees before the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC). To protect licensees from legal issues, Tristar Academy has launched this 3-hour course that will, upon completion, provide students with an in-depth understanding of material and confidential facts and the conditions for which such facts should be disclosed by licensees and/or sellers. Additionally, agents/students will also learn:
  • What Are Material Facts & Latent Defects in Maryland?
  • What is considered Confidential Information?
  • How to determine between a Material Fact & Latent Defect in Maryland?
  • Know exactly what needs to be disclosed under Maryland Law
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This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Elective Category: F - Professional enhancements for practicing licensees