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As we all know, in order to renew their real estate licenses, real estate agents must complete a specific amount of continuing education credit hours.

These courses can be finished in a classroom setting or online, and in most circumstances, they can be done whenever your license is up for renewal. At Tristar Academy, we make your professional life as simple as possible. Thanks to Maryland’s higher rated online real estate classes.

Real Estate Agents Can Enroll In Online Continuing Education Courses Now!


You may attend classes for your real estate CE online as long as the school offering the course is one that has been certified by your state’s department of education and the course meets all the standards. At Tristar Academy, we fulfill all the requirements.

Pre-licensing courses, post-licensing courses, test preparation, and continuing education are all available through our fully authorized online real estate education school for the states of Maryland and Washington, DC.

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MD Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Online for Realtors

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With the help of our instructors and the greatest resources available, you can push your career to the next level while earning your CE credits in real estate at Tristar Academy.

States have established criteria for continuing education in order to keep Realtors informed of developments in the real estate sector and to guarantee legal compliance.

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Real Estate License Continuing Education

So, you’ll have to renew your real estate license for a set amount of time as set by your state. These CE courses must be taken, at a real estate school approved by the state where you are practicing.

You will need the certificates of completion for the courses you took. These certificates will have the course numbers and class dates, which are necessary to earn your credits. You will have immediate access to your certification at Tristar Academy.

Continuing education is an essential part of keeping up with your real estate license. While required classes may seem like a tough task, enrolling and taking classes is easier thanks to all the online real estate programs we have available at Tristar Academy.