Maryland Real Estate Broker License Classes Online

Take Maryland Real Estate Broker License Classes Online

Tristar Academy is always up to date with online real estate education. In our options is Maryland Prelicensing Courses for Real Estate Brokers, with one of the most complete programs in the state. This program consists of three modules in which we prepare you to take your career to the next level and obtain your broker license. After completing this program, you will have the confidence and knowledge necessary to pass the state exam and launch your career as a broker.

Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Broker

First you must learn how to get a real estate broker license, requirements and necessary information to start this path in the best real estate school. Yes! As you read, applicants for a broker license must meet all pre-license requirements for brokers to obtain the initial broker license. Licensed brokers must also meet all broker post-licensing requirements before the expiration of their initial license to continue to practice real estate as a broker. After that, the real estate continuing education courses must be present to maintain the broker license (Renewal). real estate broker

Enroll Now And Get Your MD Real Estate Brokers License…;

The pre-licensing program, Real Estate Principles, and Practices for Broker is designed to teach the student the theory and principles of real estate and prepare them to sit for the State of Maryland approved examination. The program consists of 3 Sections (Modules) that equal 135-clock hours of “Real Estate Broker” principles and practices of Real Estate. Graduates will be eligible to take the Maryland Real Estate Broker Examination.

Take Prelicensing Classes for Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Broker License Requirements

So, what are the requirements to be a real estate broker? Enrollment Requirements:
  • All students must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Each applicant must have graduated high school or completed a GED program.
  •  Tuition and registration fees must be paid at the time of enrollment and received no later than three (3) days before the first class.
The course can be paid per module. There is no installment plan available for the individual modules. To qualify for a Broker/Associate Broker License:
  1. Have been actively licensed for at least 3 years (consecutive) immediately preceding request to take the exam.
  2. Complete the 135 Hours Required Brokers Education.
  3. Pass both parts of the State Exam.
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Apply for Real Estate Broker License and Pass Your Real Estate Broker Exam

The license application and renewal process for associate broker and brokers consist of two points: 1. Pre-licensing process to obtain the initial license. To complete the pre-licensing process the candidate must:
  1. Complete the required pre-licensing education for associate vendors or brokers.
  2. Submit an application for the state final exam.
  3. Pass the state final exam.
  4. Obtain and record employment information.
2. Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) for all real estate license renewal periods.
  1. Complete required real estate continuing education credit hours.
Obtaining a real estate license is a privilege that carries an element of responsibility. It is the licensee's responsibility to know what education is needed, when it is needed, and to meet all renewal dates. Failure to do so may result in loss of license. It is not an excuse to ignore the relevant laws. Therefore, we invite you to choose Tristar Academy, that sends notifications to the students when they must renew their license to always be by your side and take your career to the next level.

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