Obtain Your DC Real Estate License Through MD

DC Real Estate License Agent

4 Steps to Apply for Your Washington DC Real Estate License

1. Complete a 3-hour DC Real Estate Commission (DCREC) approved DC Fair Housing & DC Property Management course. 

Your first step is to complete the required DC Fair Housing & DC Property Management course  from an approved education provider. Once completed, you will obtain a Certificate of Completion. Save the certificate of completion as you will need this when you go to take the State portion only of the DC Exam and when applying for your DC license.

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2. Schedule your PSI Exam & WAIVE the National Portion as a ‘Reciprocal Applicant’ from MD.  

When arriving to the PSI Testing Center, be sure you bring your DC Fair Housing Certificate of Completion as well as 2 forms of ID. All applicants are required to take the DC law examination and obtain a minimum 75 percent passing score. For additional information on the exam, refer to the “Real Estate License Examination Candidate Information Bulletin” on the DREC website.

3. Submit Application for DC Real Estate License with the DC Real Estate Commission

An applicant for a salesperson’s license who has passed the required examination shall submit an application for a license to the Commission with the required fees within six (6) months of passing the examination. here on the DCRA Website, under “Applicant”: https://dcra.dc.gov/real-estate

4. Submit an Original letter of license certification from your original jurisdiction to show you are in Good Standing.

The certification letter has to be dated within 90 days and contains the official seal. Pocket cards and license copies are not accepted. Click Here to obtain Real Estate Certification of Licensure – MD 

Now you know how to get a real estate license in Washington DC!

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