Obtain Your DC Real Estate License Through MD

DC Real Estate License Agent

4 Steps to Apply for Your Washington DC Real Estate License

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1. Complete 3hr Required DC Fair Housing Course

Your first step is to complete the required DC Fair Housing course from an approved education provider. Once completed, you will obtain a Certificate of Completion. Save the certificate of completion as you will need this when you go to take the State portion only of the DC Exam and when applying for your DC license.

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2. Obtain an Original Letter of Licensure (Letter of Good Standing)

The original letter of licensure is to show you are in good standing with the MREC (Maryland Real Estate Commission). To obtain the original letter you must visit the “Licensing – Real Estate Commission” section on DLLR’s website and click the link “Request a Certificate of Licensure. 

Click Here to Request a Certificate of Licensure
The cost to request the letter of licensure from DLLR is $25.00

3. Schedule Your Examination with PSI

Once you have completed and obtained the certificates from steps 1-3 you are ready to schedule your exam with PSI. You may start the process by calling 1-800-733-9267.

You only need to take the STATE portion of their exam so remember that when registering over the phone as to not have to take the national portion as well. The exam fee is $69 for the first time and any retakes if needed.

4. I Passed the DC State Exam, Now What?

After you pass the state portion of the DC exam all that’s left to do is apply and affiliate your new DC license with brokerage licensed in DC. Your chosen broker will walk through the rest of the process of affiliation.

Now you know how to get a real estate license in Washington DC.