3 Must-Have Tech Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Have

Technology is an important component of every successful business, and the real estate sector is no exception. Staying on top of industry changes is especially crucial for agents, since technology and software may help with every aspect of a transaction.

To Arrange More Real Estate Consultations, Use Simple Digital Tools

Use Google Calendar to keep track of meetings in one spot. The value of Google Calendar stems from the fact that it can sync with practically any scheduling software or service, allowing you to keep track of all of your meetings in one location.

Real estate agents may take it a step further by integrating Google Calendar with their CRM or sales system to arrange client appointments, monitor each other’s availability, and track client events all while prospecting.


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Use Digital Signature With Your Clients To Close And Speed Up Your Transactions

DocuSign. You may electronically capture your clients’ signatures with DocuSign. Because signed papers are securely stored in the cloud, this means speedier deals, fewer paper, and no lost documentation.

Your clients may sign from any location (not just your office), allowing you to make offers on the fly (from the property, from your car, etc.) These papers can also be simply uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox (among others). In every real estate transaction, DocuSign electronic signatures are legally binding and as good as ink.

DIigital signature real estate agent
evernote real estate agent

Save time on note-taking with Evernote

Evernote makes it super simple to take notes on the go.
If you come across a great real estate newsletter, ad, or website slogan—you can save a fragment of it or the full page using Evernote’s web clipper Chrome extension. And with the latest version, you can also scan paper documents and automatically upload them into Evernote using your phone’s camera.

You can also use Evernote’s mobile app to take notes, record voice messages, and even shoot videos. You never know when a good idea might hit you, Evernote makes it a cinch to capture and save your best ideas and info, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re a solo agent or a team of real estate superstars, every tool on this list has the potential to dramatically improve your productivity. But ultimately, it’s not about choosing the best tool, the newest tool, or the coolest tool your competitors don’t know about yet. Your success with any technology depends on how you use it to grow your real estate business.

Make sure the tools you choose organically fit into your real estate workflows and existing systems.