The Best Tips for Passing Your Real Estate Exam

The real estate exam is the last requirement for earning a real estate license and becoming a real estate agent. If you’re worried about the test, use these tips to help you study more effectively.

Tristar Academy, together with these study recommendations, can help you feel secure and prepared for the state real estate exam.

Best Way to Study for Real Estate Exam

Make a schedule for studying (Don’t Over study): It’s critical to develop study habits. Knowing what you’re going to study and when you’re going to study saves a lot of time when it comes to making decisions and retracing your steps to obtain the resources you need, among other things. After two hours of study, you will become tired and your ability to concentrate will drastically deteriorate. Taking a break and then returning for another round will give the needed variety to maintain your efficiency.

Keep Organized Notes: The greatest foundation for review is a good set of notes. Keep an eye out for significant concepts in lectures and try to explain them in your notes in your own words.

Study in a Group. Group work doesn’t fly with everyone, but for those who benefit from a little team effort, a study group is a way to go. Pick a few studious pals and get together every few days to review the material. Everyone shall be assigned a task and altogether keeping the group on target with the group’s goals. Make things fun!

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More Tips For Passing Your Real Estate Exam (Study Smarter, Not Harder)

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Create visuals to explain or simplify the material. The research outcomes on visual learning make complete sense when you consider that our brain is mainly an image processor (much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision), not a word processor

Take a Break: A balanced schedule will allow your mind to be more attentive during study time. If you study for numerous days in a row, you will become frustrated and quit up. Schedule time for nonacademic pursuits including exercise, hobbies, and socializing.

Work Out: Get leaner and brainier at the same time. Research has shown that just half an hour of aerobic exercise may improve your brain-processing speed and other important mental abilities.

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The 3 T’s: Test Taking Tips

Before The Exam

 • Do not cram information the night or hours before the exam.

 • Budget your time properly. 

• Eliminate negative thoughts or self-talk by replacing them with positive affirmations.

 • Do not engage in negative speech with other students. 

• Arrive early, so you are not rushing into class. 

• Get a good night’s rest the night before, drink plenty of water.

 • Ask or bring a blank sheet of paper to “brain dump” or “mind map” during the exam.

 • Set your mindset to win! 

• BREATHE. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. You’re going to be just fine.


During The Exam

• Anticipate the answer before you look at the choices.

• Don’t second guess yourself! Choose your answer and move on.

• Read over all your options thoroughly. (Look out for words like “except” or “not”)

• Eliminate highly implausible answers.

• Some questions give away answers to other questions on the exam. By answering one question, you may be able to realize the answer to another question.

• Do not linger too long on any one question. Mark your best guess and move on, returning later. Time is of the essence.

• Ignore any distractions around you. This includes other students who may
complete the exam before you do.

• Don’t freak out over the time. It is usually a minute per question.

Before Your Turn in Your Exam


• Review your answer sheet that all questions have been answered. All unanswered questions will automatically be marked as incorrect.

• Relax, breathe, and smile because you just completed your exam!

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