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To succeed in real estate, you must be well-organized and have access to the greatest real estate education available. Every day, processes improve and better services are provided, but many real estate agents perceive continuing education courses just as a way to get the credit hours.

At Tristar Academy, we encourage you to think of continuing education as a way to stay current on the newest trends, marketing techniques, real estate regulations, and much more.

District of Columbia Association of REALTORS® (DCAR)

The National Association of REALTORS® recognizes the District of Columbia Association of REALTORS® (DCAR) as a state-level association and represents over 2,800 REALTORS® in DC. The association advocate for, protect and promote the interests of our members and the public we serve. Are the District’s real estate voice, and protect homeowners’ rights.

Some of the functions of the organization are:

  • Maintaining track of pertinent legislation and acting as a link between our members and the District’s senior politicians.
  • Maintain a connection with Councilmembers and other members of the DC government by meeting with them frequently.
  • Assist the Council in crafting market-friendly legislation and against any proposals that will deprive homeowners of their rights.
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Best Real Estate Continuing Education Classes Online

Tristar Academy offers a complete continuing education package for DC Realtors. We have all the essentials to provide you with the best real estate education, and online continuing education courses are taught by highly experienced real estate instructors.

As a result, we’re an excellent choice for members of the DC Association of Realtors.

The state of Maryland and DC has certified Tristar Academy as a reputable source of real estate education. It provides a comprehensive range of real estate continuing education courses to help you meet your CE Credit Hour requirements.

Get the Best Real Estate Online CE Courses for Realtors in Washington DC

We regularly update and add new online courses following industry best practices, ensuring that the contents and techniques we provide in our online programs are constantly current.

The time you spend on these courses, as well as the material, differs by state. These courses, can be taken in person or online at state-authorized and accredited real estate schools like Tristar Academy, which is certified by the Maryland Real Estate Commission and the District of Columbia Real Estate Commission.

On our website, we explain the continuing education requirements, how to renew a real estate license and provide information on in-person and online real estate courses, as well as their costs.


Tristar Academy offers real estate license classes online and a wide range of real estate continuing education courses for all currently licensed real estate agents.

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