DL/Real Estate Fraud

Real Estate Fraud - View Course Details: 1.5hr clock hour MD Elective Course Self-Paced

Be Aware and Prevent Real Estate Fraud!

Discover the intricate world of real estate fraud through our comprehensive “Real Estate Fraud” course.

Designed to equip Maryland real estate licensees with essential knowledge, this course offers a deep dive into recognizing, preventing, and addressing fraudulent activities within the real estate industry.

Learn to identify various types of real estate fraud, understand common red flags, and gain insights into legal and ethical considerations. Our course provides practical guidance on safeguarding your clients and your business against fraudulent practices. Strengthen your communication skills, enhance your ethical awareness, and contribute to a trustworthy real estate landscape.

In this course we will cover:

  • Identify different types of real estate fraud.
  • Recognize common signs and red flags of fraudulent activities.
  • Understand the legal and ethical implications of real estate fraud.
  • Implement preventive measures to protect clients and business.
  • Enhance communication skills related to fraud prevention.
  • Respond appropriately if you encounter real estate fraud.

This is an on-demand self-paced course presented solely online that you can complete from the comfort of your home. With our new audio feature, you can take the course on the go and learn at your own pace.

This course is a 1.5-hour Maryland Continuing Education Elective Category: F – Professional enhancements for practicing licensees

Embark on a journey toward ethical excellence and fraud prevention. Enroll in the “Real Estate Fraud” course today and be a part of safeguarding the integrity of the real estate industry.

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