Required Only VA CE Bundle for Salespersons

Renewing your VA salespersons real estate license as an experienced salesperson has never been more streamlined. Dive into our carefully curated Continuing Education bundle, designed to fulfill the 16 hours required for renewal while focusing on key areas crucial to your success. With this bundle, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of essential topics while enhancing your expertise in the industry.

Course Highlights:

Ethics & Standards of Conduct (3 Hours): Immerse yourself in ethical practices that define your professionalism in the real estate landscape. Explore the intricacies of ethical decision-making and elevate your standards of conduct.

Fair Housing (2 Hours): Gain insights into fair housing laws, ensuring you’re well-versed in promoting equality and preventing discrimination within the housing market.

Legal Updates and Emerging Trends (1 Hour): Stay current with the ever-evolving legal landscape of real estate. Uncover the latest updates and emerging trends that impact your role as an experienced salesperson.

Real Estate Agency (1 Hour): Delve into the complexities of real estate agency relationships. Enhance your knowledge of agency principles and best practices for effective representation.

Real Estate Contracts (1 Hour): Master the art of navigating real estate contracts. Develop a solid foundation in understanding, interpreting, and utilizing contracts to safeguard your clients’ interests.

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